October 26, 2011

Prepping For A Shoot

There are a couple different ways to prep for a shoot. You can run through equipment and troubleshoot any possible gear that could cause hiccups in the field. When you are confident in your gear, you can be confident with your ability.
Another way to prep for your shoot is to understand the subject and landscape of your next adventure. Do research and determine weather conditions and times of your sunrises and sunsets. An understanding of local cultures is important for your international gigs.

I try to get as much information about the subject.  Being armed with background information is important even for the simplest interview and b-roll shoot.  We are hired for our point of view and should use resources to pull from to tell the story at hand.  A handful of questions to the producer can lead you to links online on the subject or subject matter.  I think it’s a strength to have as much information as you can walking into an assignment.

So when I get hired for a job, I:

-Assemble the gear needed for the shoot.

-Check the weather and pack accordingly (including sunrise and sunsets)

-Get any links, information from the producer and do some research.

-Finally, print out any driving directions. We all have shot in areas that are outside our cell or GPS range. To have a hardcopy of the directions can be pretty handy.

I hope this helps for your next shoot. Getting your mind right can be just as important as tuning up your gear.


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  • Great tips, definitely learned the sunset the hard way a couple weeks ago.

  • Don’t forget Stock!!!

    • That’s true. A discussion over tape stock, media, hard drives is important too. Another element to consider is a discussion about frame rates and aspect ratio. Thanks for playing along Paul!


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