October 3, 2011

Comedy Podcasts

There’s nothing like a good laugh. I grew up laughing (or being laughed at) and loved it. I listened to all the classic comedy albums and watching all the sitcoms of the 70’s (I liken myself to Jack Tripper from Three’s Company).  I actually have dabbled in the Improv world a little bit.  My dream job would be to shoot a comedy and just laugh on set while we are creating. Well, until that dream job comes along, I will be listening to these podcasts.

These podcasts are a lot about the craft and the process.  It is really interesting to me to see behind the curtain (or in front of the generic brick wall).

I subscribe to all these podcasts through iTunes:

THE NERDIST    http://www.nerdist.com/

Chris Hardwick is the host of this comedy podcast. It’s not a morning zoo type show it takes comedy seriously while making you laugh. Does that even make sense? It’s a real comfortable podcast to listen to. Alongside Jonah Ray and Matt Mirra, they welcome guests in and talk about the art of comedy and the nerdist culture. They delve into the mind of the comedians and the process.  They pull great stories from their guests and you can tell this is a true passion. Explicit content.

WTF WITH MARC MARON   http://www.wtfpod.com/

Marc Maron is a stand up comedian that is working things out and that’s ok. As a listener to this podcast, you are immediately turned into his therapist but that sets you up for the tone of what you are in for. Marc makes no excuses for himself. He asks his guests (top level comedians, past and present) the tough questions you never thought anyone would ask. You actually get to know his guests. This isn’t “Hey get comfy on the couch and let’s chat”, Marc hits some very challenging subjects. If you are interested in getting in the mind of a comedian, this podcast is perfect. Explicit content.


The Joe Rogan Experience is a podcast I just starting to subscribing to within the last week. Joe gives an everyman’s approach to some serious issues.  He has a great spirit about himself and is very easy to listen to. His sidekick, Brian, definitely brings the funny (whether he is being laughed at or with). Joe’s stand up buddies stop by and they discuss a huge array of topics.  This is an easy podcast for me to get lost in (the Kevin Smith podcast went over 3 hours). Check it out, you will be waiting for new episodes to show up in your queue. Explicit content.

Other podcasts that are great resources in the comedy field I listen to:

The Smartest Man in The World with Greg Proops  http://smartest.libsyn.com/

This Week with Larry Miller    http://www.adamcarolla.com/LMBlog/


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