September 29, 2011

Photography Podcasts

I listen to these podcasts about photography to stay up on technology, technique and just to listen to folks talk about what I love to do.

I subscribe to these podcasts thru iTunes.

So let’s get to it:

The Digital Photo Experience Podcast

Rick Sammon and Juan Pons host this excellent show. It’s the first podcast I suggest to any newbie shutterbug. They do a great job explaining technique and technology. I have been introduced to Lightroom and Nik software from this podcast, both of which it seems I use everyday in my photo editing.  Some things I take away from this podcast: “Always look behind you, the picture behind you maybe better than the  one you are capturing”; “Take the darn flash off the camera”; “The lens sees both ways”. They stress having fun and enjoying the process of making an image. When they bring on guests, they are top notch experts in the field. Other episodes feature questions from the listeners. You can take away as much as you want from this show. I guess you could say the podcast sees both ways.

The Art of Photography

Ted Forbes hosts an easy going look at the art, technique and all things in the photography world. This is a video podcast and the episodes are relatively short and to the point. The examples he uses are very helpful in a podcast this rich in education. It has definitely helped me continue my ever growing education in photography.

NIK Radio

Sponsored by Nik Software, this photography podcast isn’t a big commercial to purchase their product. This podcast speaks to the pros about their experiences and techniques.  They also touch upon new technology and editing. This is a great podcast to get in the mind of the photographer. It really helps rev up my creativity.



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