September 26, 2011

Film Podcasts

Podcasts are a great way to keep you company on a long road trip. They are like your favorite shows. They have familiar characters and voices and more importantly, they talk about stuff you like.

In this first podcast blog, I will share some film podcasts I listen to. These are less “how to make movies” and more review and entertainment based podcasts.

I subscribe to these podcasts on iTunes:

Film Junk

This Film/TV podcast is a blast to listen to. Based in Canada, the crew of four (most of the time) reviews the most recent flicks, slides into what they watched this week in film and TV then ends with what’s new on DVD.  Segments like “news”, “trailer trash” and “junk mail” is really where these guys show their true personalities. They are a real funny bunch of guys and I find myself laughing out loud during the show.  It’s obvious they have an education from watching movies but never force it down your throat. Explicit content.


Adam Kempenaar and Matty Robinson are real pros and it shows. These guys are serious about movies but don’t take themselves too seriously. This show has its personality but it is definitely movie reviews first. It’s a pleasure to listen to the respect they have for the filmmakers and the process.  They review new films and  have a Top 5 list which is always fun to hear what category they come up with (ie top 5 revenge movies; top 5 Sidney Lumet scenes). Every podcast I walk away with at least one or two movies I need to see to continue my profile as a filmmaker.

The Q&A with Jeff Goldsmith

This podcast is really great if you are interested in the art of screenwriting. Jeff Goldsmith pulls the top Hollywood writers.  He finds out the background, the characters and the process about the script of current films. This is a great listen for anyone interested in film. I find it important to hear about what a writer is thinking and how they translate that to the page (or computer).

KCRW’S Hollywood Breakdown; The Business; The Treatment

These three podcasts are great for timely guests and to feel the pulse of Hollywood.

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  • You might also take a look at FilmState at

    I’m a fan of the creators who also do a bit of a how to for future videographer’s and film creators called Film Riot.

    • I will have to check them out. I kind of stumbled across these but have become a huge fan but I’ll take any suggestions I can get. Thanks for stopping by and for the heads up. Keep doing great work!


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