September 21, 2011

Sony F3 RIG

Click this link to see how I have my Sony F3 camera set up Sony F3 Video

I had some trouble finding a complete Sony PMW-F3 built and explained online. Once I started posting pictures of my Sony F3 in a handheld mode, there were a lot of questions. So I figured I would take a little time and explain the third party elements I used to build this beast. Enjoy the video. The links to the accessories are below. I hope this helps you in the right direction.

From the front to the back camera:
Chrosziel 450W Super Wide 2 Stage Matte Box:

Arri MFF-1 Follow Focus Kit:

Shape Quick Handle Rod Block:

Element Technica EL-SF3A-RSPK Riser and Shoulder Pad Kit:

Zacuto EVF Flip and Z-Finder:

Zacuto Zwiss Plate:

Anton Bauer QR-UNIV Single Snap-on Battery Holder:

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  • Was wondering if you have enhanced the rig over the time you have shot with it or is it basically the same…Also are you using a B4 mount and are you using that same rig for that?

  • All that CRAP to make a toy camera usuable. Just get a real camera.

    • Hey VideoKon, I do appreciate feedback. I agree there are a lot of accessories on the F3. I am simply helping those that may need to rig out their F3. Obviously you are not happy about the current movement to other formats or “toy” cameras. I use the cameras my clients request I have. I have shot everything from 16mm to Varicam to the Alexa. It is merely a tool that gets the job done. Was I against the movement initially? Sure. But honestly, if you don’t embrace it, it will pass you by.

  • How much does it weigh? Great site Boomer.

    • I haven’t put it on a scale and it will depend on what lenses you have but I would say in the 20lb range once it’s rigged out. Thanks for stopping by Al!

  • Thanks, very helpful.
    Zoom lens? Servo motor assist zoom?
    Remote trigger for recording?

    • I use a zoom lens and have yet to get a servo motor assist or trigger. A lot of my zooms are manual, it’s a dance with the lens but it has more a stylized feel to it. I’m sure it will be an add on shortly. Thanks for stopping by!

  • How does your rig connect to a tripod? I am looking at the ET SF3 but don’t know how that interacts with a Cartoni Focus HD tripod… Able Cine wasn’t very clear in explaining that point. Any ideas?

    • My Sachtler has a plate that screws into the bottom of the Element Technica riser. I’m not sure how it would interact with the tripod. I would contact your F3 supplier and see what is compatible. Wish I could’ve helped. Thanks for checking out the video!

      • That is how… I posted on the DVXUSER forum and you responded there with your video – but the video that the guy above you sent has the details that show exactly what you just said. Thanks.


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