September 7, 2011

5D, 7D, F3. All These Number and Letters

Quick Draw

5D, 7D, F3…These are the most recent cameras I have added to my rental package. All of these cameras have their necessary purposes. They all have a “cinematic-like” look. The lenses are fast and the optical sensors create a better environment to create that shallow depth of field you see in film. But they are just numbers and letters to me. Each camera has its own personality in the visual realm. I just see these “new” methods to capture images are just that, options to make pictures. The bottom line is no matter what letter or number is there, it is how the tool is used. How you use the camera (an extension of the Director/DP/Camera operator) to tell the story/script is really crucial. Don’t be afraid to take a stance. Create a feel or look that pushes your visual element to represent you. Anyone can point and shoot one of these new cameras and make a pretty image, it’s those who can create perspective that will succeed.
I know it’s not a very technical edition but there are plenty of blogs and vlogs out there with information. I’d prefer to share the mentality out of the eyepiece. Your thoughts?

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  • Boomer,
    What’s your preferred method for capturing audio when using one of these, but don’t have the luxury of an audio op with you?

  • Very well put. You definitely are talented Jeff. I admire your work and your lifestyle lol. Keep living it up!



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