January 19, 2011

The world we live in

Times they are a changin’. Just today, on my flight, I was online listening to Pandora while I was answering e-mails, tweeting, facebooking and just plain surfing about what was going on 30,000 feet below me. The technology doesn’t surprise me. I think there is a lot of tech stuff out there that we don’t even have our hands on yet. What does take me back is just remembering how we used to travel. It has never been simple to just jump on a plane but now with regulations about liquids, carry ons and luggage allowances it is even harder to travel. There may be less options provided by the airlines (like you can’t hear the pilot talk to the tower anymore, that creeped me out anyway) but we now carry our distractions with us. What used to be a time when you were completely out of reach isn’t necessarily so anymore. I was unreachable, I was on a plane is a hard excuse when you just tweeted “the guy next to me on the plane is drooling.” When you travel for your job as many of us do, many times a week, we take a lot for granted. We used to be separated from our every day distractions but they seem to sneak into our world anyway. Not sure if it’s a good thing or bad thing, just made me think and obviously ramble.

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