January 5, 2011

New York City

Sitting in a cafe in New York City in amazement. I’ve escaped the bitter chill of the wind making it down the building corridors..I know there is a technical term for that, I’ve heard it before. I’ll call it bone chilling wind. Every time I come to the big Apple, I am always amazed. The pace that is here, no stopping. The timing from everyone. The cabs just miss the pedestrians who just miss walking into the bike messengers who just miss the dogs being walked. I think of it as one big concert and everyone is in the orchestra. No one has time to watch it all happen, except I guess for me today. The pace is the thing that people come to New York to feed off of. They want that energy from morning to night and more, I get that when I come here. I know on this small island there are big things happening. Decisions that will be felt all over the globe and that excites me, it fires me up. I walk the streets taking in the smells (the good ones like from the street meat carts), the sounds and mostly the light. The fact you could walk down the same street every day of the week and it would be lit an a number of ways from direct sunlight to reflective to night time. It sparks my creativity and keeps me looking around the next corner for the next perfect light, perfect smell or perfect big deal.

Ramblings from a coffee shop and a computer.

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  • This photo reminds me of the feeling of walking out of a reflective cocoon into the bracing wind and activity of a day that is beginning for me, no matter the time.


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