September 18, 2010

I set ‘em up

My second job in the television business was in Rochester, NY at the CBS affiliate WROC. I was a news photographer and editor. I remember this like it was yesterday(even though it happened 17 years ago). I showed up for my evening shift (3pm to11:30pm) and it was my third day at the station.

I gathered my gear for the night and loaded up the Geo Tracker (the gear and us barely fit in this tuna can) and headed back into the newsroom. It was a ghost town as the night time anchors, producers and reporters were having their nightly meeting in the news directorʼs office. I hung out in the newsroom waiting for our assignment and suddenly the police scanners began to sing. An accident with an overturned vehicle with injuries. I listened as the scanners talked over each other and tried to hear the particulars. I was new to the station and wanted to make a good impression but I was still unfamiliar with the Rochester area. I ran over to the huge hanging map of the surrounding area (GPS? whatʼs that?) and heard the location. East and Broadway. I repeated the words as I scanned this grid. I looked all over this map that was completely foreign to me and had no luck locating the intersection. I turned from the map and saw the 6 oʼclock anchor, Bob Kirk enter the newsroom and I excitedly said..” Bob, how do you get to Broadway” and without skipping a beat he said “Practice, Boomer. Practice.”

If I wasnʼt there, I wouldnʼt have believed it. A classic line and I didnʼt see it coming.

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